Common Marmoleum misconceptions

As both Linoleum and Marmoleum have been around for many years, there are lots of misconceptions surrounding their characteristics, some true and some false.

Whilst there may be Marmoleum still performing to a high standard today, which was in fact installed 25 years ago, this product must not be compared to modern day Marmoleum. In recent years, Marmoleum has gone through many product innovations which have drastically increased its performance and led to it being one of the most reliable and best performing resilient floor coverings on the market (whilst also being one of the most sustainable!). Innovations in surface treatment and linoleum technology mean that Marmoleum today is amongst the best scratch, stain and water-resistant flooring products in the market.

Below are some of the most common misconceptions:

Misconception: Marmoleum requires a polymer. This is incorrect as there’s no need to apply a polymer after installation or annually, Marmoleum is ‘occupancy ready’ and can be used straight after installation.

Misconception: Marmoleum must always be welded. Marmoleum can provide a seamless look, with no need to add a welding rod outside essential areas.

Misconception: Marmoleum isn’t watertight. When fitted correctly, Marmoleum is watertight and can withstand intensive use.

How Marmoleum surface treatments have changed throughout the years

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