Healthy indoor environments

Floor coverings are an intrinsic part of the built environment, they are omnipresent in every square metre of our schools, health care institutions, workplaces, leisure centres and our homes. Forbo’s Marmoleum floors are designed to contribute to a safe, hygienic, and comfortable environment, helping to create a healthy indoor environment.

Why a healthy indoor environment matters

Today more than half of the world’s population, over 54%, is living in urbanised areas. On average we are spending around 80%-90% of our time indoors and this will only increase. No wonder that the focus is on the quality of the indoor environment, and the attention given to green architecture and healthy buildings, is becoming more prominent. As our floors are part of the indoor environment in which people live, meet and work, it is our mission to design and offer products that contribute in a positive way to the health and comfort of the individual.

Benefits of Marmoleum:

  • Prevent the growth of bacteria and viruses
  • Allergy approved
  • Phthalate free
  • Low emissions

health benefits explained